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Robin Cox is a composer and violinist known for performance of his own music and works of other contemporary composers. Projects include The Robin Cox Ensemble, collaborations with artists across mediums, the community participation event HOURGLASS, live productions as Director of Iridian Arts, and BIG TENT.

Audio  Faster Than That, I

Audio  Everywhere

Audio  RPM

Audio  For Tomorrow

Audio  Canalie

Audio  Square Feet

Audio  START

Audio  Faster Than That, III

Upcoming Performances:
4/9-4/10/16 Butler Arts Fest with BIG TENT
4/16/16 HOURGLASS, American Music Therapy Assoc. Conference, Indianapolis
5/1/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis
6/5/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis
6/17/16 New York City Electroacoustic Festival
7/3/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis
7/16/16 HOURGLASS, Indiana University High School Summer Dance Intensive
8/14/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis
8/2/16 performing in BIG TENT along with the band Modality
8/26-8/27/16 premiere of an Indianapolis Light Festival commission for BIG TENT
9/4/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis
9/7/16 concert of works at the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association International Festival
9/12/16 International Computer Music Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands
11/2016 concert of works at the Electro-Acoustic Barn Dance, Fredericksburg, VA
late Fall 2016 -release of +1, an album of music for solo violin/electronics

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Cox is a composer and violinist known for performances of his own works and those of other contemporary composers. As director of The Robin Cox Ensemble, he has performed his music over 170 times throughout the United States, produced three critically acclaimed CD recordings, and premiered works by many contemporary artists. He is also a concert producer, having led a mixed-media series for many years as Director of Iridian Arts, Inc.

His latest large scale ventures are the community participation event HOURGLASS and the immersive performance environment BIG TENT. HOURGLASS, involving live performance, four channel electronic playback, multiple video projections, and dance improvisors, has received over thirty performances across the United States. BIG TENT, unveiled in fall 2015, is a forty foot diameter portable venue of sound and 360 degree visuals integrated with live performers and audience created in collaboration with Benjamin Smith..

His collaborations include work with choreographers Stephanie Nugent, Loretta Livingston, Keith Johnson, Doug Nielsen, Anita Cheng, Summer Brown, Eun Jun Choi, Catey Ott, Jerry Pearson, and Jeff Slayton, video artists Kwame Braun and Carolyn Bremer, and playwrights Maggie Mixsell and Judy Bauerlein. He has also collaborated, performed, and produced concerts with musicians including Andrew Russo, Bill Ryan, Pamela Z, Phil Kline, Art Jarvinen, Brad Dutz, Dan Becker, Michael Lowenstern, Eclipse String Quartet, Belinda Reynolds, Jim Connolly, Amy X Neuburg, Ryan Brown, Robert Black, Scott Deal, Eve Beglarian, Sarah Cahill, Luke Dubois, and Todd Reynolds.
Cox has received multiple Lester Horton Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Music for Dance and continues collaborations with wife Stephanie Nugent and other artists of choreography and video. He also garnered an ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for promotion of new American music by founding Iridian Radio, a web stream with listeners worldwide.
After many years on faculty at California St. Univ. Long Beach Bob Cole Conservatory and California Institute of the Arts, Dr. Cox joined the Music and Arts Technology faculty at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in fall of 2013. He holds degrees from the Univ. of Texas at Austin, Univ. of Michigan, and the Univ. of Miami, studying with composers Leslie Bassett, William Bolcom, Donald Grantham, Dennis Kam, Peter Terry, and Dan Welcher. His commissions and grants include awards from the American Composers Forum, American Music Center, ASCAP, Cal St. -Long Beach, Le Moyne College, Grand Valley State Univ., New Horizons Chamber Ensemble, Santa Barbara Dance Theatre, Speaking of Stories, Livingston Dance, The Carolina Brass Trio, Fairbanks Symphony Association, Todd Reynolds, Erik Nugent, Scott Deal, Tom Peters, and The San Diego/Tijuana New Music Festival.
Cox serves on the Board of Directors of the Switchboard Music Festival in San Francisco and has previously served on the faculty of Univ. of California -Santa Barbara, Valdosta State Univ., California State Univ. -Los Angeles, Chapman Univ., and the North Carolina Governor's School. He co-produced the Miami contemporary music series Music at Twilight, served on the City of Santa Barbara Arts Sustainability Task Force, and was an administrator for the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.

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Audio   Faster Than That, I  Robin Cox Ensemble / pianist Andrew Russo
Audio   Faster Than That, II  Robin Cox Ensemble / pianist Andrew Russo
Audio   Faster Than That, III  Robin Cox Ensemble / pianist Andrew Russo
Audio   Everywhere  bass clarinet Marty Walker / vibraphone Eric Mellencamp
Audio   Square Feet  Robin Cox Ensemble / drum soloist Erik Leckrone
Audio   RPM  Robin Cox Ensemble / violinist Todd Reynolds
Audio   Levitation Games  Robin Cox Ensemble / marimbist Scott Deal
Audio   Glide  percussionist David Gerhart / violinist Robin Cox
       Audio   Canalie
       Audio   Drive  Robin Cox Ensemble
       Audio   Escher  Robin Cox Ensemble
       Audio   Volt  Robin Cox Ensemble
       Audio   Bellow Robin Cox Ensemble
       Audio   START Robin Cox, violin

      recording credits
Audio   Campana Robin Cox, violin
Audio   Little Demon  Erik Nugent, didgeridoo
Audio   Piano Solo from HOURGLASS  pianist Danny Holt
Audio   Twitch  marimbists David Gerhart / Erik Leckrone
Audio   Eight on a Curve  Univ. of Miami Other Ensemble
Audio   For Tomorrow  cellist Maggie Parkins

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    Sheet Music Available for Purchase

  • Sheet music includes score/parts as appropriate for performance
  • To reduce page turns, most parts are formatted to 10x14 inches
  • Click "view" links to see a pdf excerpts of music
  • First class US domestic shipping/handling included in purchase price
  • For international purchases, please click here to add the $5 international shipping fee
  • Shipping is within 72 hours of PayPal purchase confirmation

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Founder, Principal Composer, and Violinist for this sextet, performing over 150 concerts throughout the United States between 1999-2012. Produced three commercial recordings, heard on over eighty radio stations, and nominated in 2004 as “Best Classical Ensemble/Artist” by the Los Angeles Weekly.

Founder and Executive Director of this non-profit corporation supporting creation and presentation of adventurous music and multi-media performing arts.

In collaboration with Benjamin Smith, creator of this forty foot diameter portable venue of sound and visuals integrated with live performers and audience.

Founder and Programming Director of this contemporary internet radio station . On of the most widely heard internet providers of contemporary concert and electronic music worldwide between 2004 and 2015. Recipient of a 2004 ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for Promotion of American Music.

A live music and dance improvisation community event conceived and composed by Robin Cox, HOURGLASS is a continuous one hour score for live performance with participation of dance improvisers.

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Solo/Duet Works        use the purchase links below to order with Paypal
Reflections on Olivet  solo cello, 5 min.    view    purchase    audio
Campana  solo violin/stereo playback, 7 min.  view   purchase   audio
Reaction Suite  
alto sax/piano in 3 movts, 7min.    purchase    audio
Faster Than That  for piano duo in 3 movt, 9 min.   view   purchase
Terra Firma  solo double bass in 4 movts, 10 min.    view    purchase
START  solo violin/stereo playback, 5 min.   purchase   audio
Canalie  accordion/piano, 3 min.   view    purchase   audio
Double Arrow  vibes/marimba, 6 min.  view  purchase
Three for Violin
  solo violin, 10 min.    view    purchase
Twitch  two marimbas, 3 min.    view    purchase    audio
For Tomorrow  solo cello, 6 min.  view   purchase   audio
Points of Balance  cello/Bb clarinet in 3 movts, 10 min. 
view   purchase   audio

violin/marimba in 3 movts, 10min. (movt 3 may be performed alone)   view   3 movts purchase    3rd movt purchase    audio
Little Demon  chromatic didgeridoo, 6 min.
view  purchase  audio

  bass clarinet/digitally processed vibraphone, 7 min. May also be performed as bass clarinet solo with CD playback of vibraphone part (CD upon request)
view    purchase   audio

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Ensemble Works
        use the purchase links below to order with Paypal
Faster Than That  septet for primary piano/secondary pianos/cello/bass clarinet/violin/marimba/vibraphone in 3 movts, 9 min. (secondary piano may be played live, or via optional playback CD with clicktrack)    view    purchase    audio

Levitation Games  
sextet for solo 5 oct. marimba/cello/Bb clarinet-bass clarinet/violin/marimba/vibraphone, 10 min. Also available with alternate parts: 1) viola in place of violin, 2) harp in place of vibraphone    view    purchase    audio

Five Reasons to Move  brass trio versions: french horn/trombone/tuba or trumpet/two trombones, mixed trio version: cello/bass clarinet/violin in 5 movts, 12 min.    view    purchase  (must specify which instrumentation version)    audio

RPM  sextet or nonet (sextet: for solo violin/cello/bass clarinet/violin/marimba/vibraphone, nonet: solo violin/flute/2 violins/viola/piano/cello/bass clarinet/vibraphone) (must specify which instrumentation version) 13 min.    view    purchase     audio
HOURGLASS  sextet for piano/cello/violin/bass clarinet/vibraphone/marimba and dance improvisers, 60 min. webpage
New Year's Harmattan  quintet for cello/Bb clarinet/violin/marimba/vibes/with video (DVD provided), 9 min.  view   purchase    audio
 for piano/cello/violin/bass clarinet/vibraphone/marimba, 13 min.    view    purchase
Square Feet  quintet for solo hand drum (improvised)/cello/bass clarinet/marimba/violin, 5-7 min.    view    purchase    audio
Pivot  for wind ensemble, 5 min.   view    purchase    audio
Trio for solo tuba/two cellos, 6min.    view    purchase    audio
Volt  quintet for cello/bass clarinet/violin/marimba/vibraphone, 5 min.   view    purchase    audio
quintet for cello/Bb clarinet-bass clarinet/violin/marimba/vibraphone, 8 min.    view    purchase    audio
quintet for cello/bass clarinet/violin/marimba/vibraphone in 5 movts, 15 min.   view    purchase    audio